Ministries of Support

Life can be lonely at times, but here at FBLEX, we do not believe that you are meant to deal with it alone. From challenging losses of relationships, unexpected illnesses, to struggles with mental illness, addiction or emotional needs, we want to provide you with a safe place to experience support and healing. The programs listed below are some of the ways that we want to offer you hope and community and we hope that you will take advantage of these resources!


bridge of hope

We are excited to announce that FBLEX Counseling Center is now the Bridge of Hope Counseling Center.


grief share

This program if for those who have lost love ones to death.


lift ministry

Listening. Inspiring. Facilitating. Transforming lives.


umbrella ministry

Umbrella is a support group covering mental health issues.


Uplift ENCOURAGEMENT ministry

Uplift Ministry is a group for encouragement and support for those with MS, or other chronic illnesses and caregivers.