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Grant & rebecca skelton

location: hong kong



The Skeltons have recently relocated to Hong Kong working for Baptist Bible Fellowship International. Though freedom to worship exists, Hong Kong is still largely an unreached city (93.5%). The vast majority of Chinese citizens claim to be non-religious or hold to a form of Buddhism, Confucianism, or ancestor worship, while the foreigners still hold to their Catholic, Hingo, or Muslim roots. Sadly, right now, the majority of missionaries in Hong Kong are retiring and leaving the field and very few new families are returning to take their place. Multiple mission board websites state they have NO MISSIONARIES in Hong Kong and have put out the plea! Because Hong Kong has one of the highest costs of living in the world, raising the necessary funds to live and work there has become very difficult. However, opportunities for sharing the gospel, discipling believers, and planting new churches abound all over Hong Kong. With so many nationalities who call Hong Kong home, you can Rea h China and the whole new world from one place!