Dr. Bert & debbie oubre

location: chad, africa


ministry: Crossover global

Dr. Bert and Debbie Oubre’s goal for thirty years has been to reach the unreached or hardly reached in difficult areas in the 10-40 window. They have used mainly hospital care to make contact with people but also education and to a lesser degree agricultural projects. The Ethiopian evangelists partners are doing a good job contacting patients and families to explain the gospel as are some of the missionary and national staff, but they are excited to serve now with Crossover Global that has started over 1,500 churches in many difficult countries. Their expertise in compassionate patient care and other services combined with Crossover Global’s focus and experience in church planting, will hopefully result in many more patients cured physically and spiritually. Dr. Oubre will continue to serve as a surgeon, medical and surgical trainer and be involved in hospital and mission administration. Debbie will continue to supervise in nursing and midwifery and will continue to be be in charge of guests and guest facilities as well as serve on our leadership team.