Upcoming Events 2019

MS= Middle School / HS= High School

Sundays- 9:00 AM LIFE Group (MS in Mod 6 / HS in Student Center)

Wednesdays- (Join us at the FALLOUT- Wednesdays 6:30PM-8:00PM)

1 Secret Church #11
3 Super Bowl Sunday Party

22 Secret Church #12


10-11 Senior Trip
17 Secret Church #13
19 Graduation Sunday/Luncheon

Contact abigail@fblex.org with any event/schedule questions!

2019 FBC Medical Release Form

ALL Students participating in FBLex Student Ministries activities and special events need to have a medical release form on file for the current calendar year! Please click below for the form (in pdf format)...print out, complete, sign and return (with a copy of your insurance card) or email completed form to Abigail Harris- Student Admin. Any questions can be sent to abigail@fblex.org. Thanks!

Medical Release 2019

The Fallout

On Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8:00 pm we meet in the Student Center for The Fallout, an energetic outreach perfect for hanging out with friends, praising as our awesome student worship band leads fresh worship songs, and receiving thought-provoking teaching. There's no better way to celebrate throughout the week than to be a part of The Fallout.

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