Our Missionaries

The Burkholders

Bruce & Lisa Burkholder

Ministry: Bruce serves at Editorial Bautista Independiente, which is the Spanish Literature division of Baptist Mid Missions(BMM). His role is to develop theological curriculum for missionaries and national pastors in Spanish-speaking countries.
Phone: (863)382-6350

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The Coltranes

David & Jill Coltrane

Location: Philippines
Ministry: The Coltranes work with a ministry that is focused upon planting churches in their region of the Philippines. They started a second career as missionaries after years of stateside ministry.

The Daytons

Dr. Bob & Sabina Dayton

Location: ministry in Nicaragua, residing in South Carolina
Ministry: Dr. Bob has been a missionary to Nicaragua with Baptist International Missions, Inc. since 1961. He works in overseeing the various ministries in Nicaragua and has seen many churches planted and trained many national pastors through their Bible Institute.
Link: BIMI website
Phone: BIMI office (423) 344-5050

Christi Farley

Christi Farley

Location: SC
Ministry: Christi works with Campus Crusade for Christ (cru) at the University of South Carolina.

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The Foths

Nathan & Rene Foth

Ministry: CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) working with international students on campus in Charlotte, NC.
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Andy & Lorna Gilbert

Location: Japan
Ministry: We are part of an international team working in Onagawa, one of the hardest-hit towns in Northeast Japan, bringing hope and joy to people most affected by the Tsunami in 2011.
Mailing address in USA: 1539 Maple Street, PO Box 81, Wellston, MI 49689
Mailing address in Japan: 2-5-19 Shiotomi-cho, Ishinomaki - Shi, Miyagi - Ken Japan
Donation Address: EFCA-Reach Global Donor Services, 901 E. 78th St. Minneapolis, MN 55420 (write in memo line for donations: Gilbert - M1717)

Jason & Poh Lai Goh

Location: Thailand

Ministry: Jason is the director of the New Light CDC or Community Development Center, Baan Namkem (CDC). He hopes the New Light CDC will play a part in promoting the value of education, providing youth with more career choices, and provide a place for the villagers to build relationships through social events and activities. The 2004 tsunami brought Jason to Nam Kem. What started out as a relief mission later turned into a realization of the immense opportunities to contribute to the overall development of the village.


Goh 2

Goh 3

The Harmons

Jesse & Sara Harmon

Location: SC
Ministry: The Harmons minister through Crossover Athletics, where they lead Christ-centered sports leagues, tournaments and clinics.
Phone: (803) 414-9508

The Hawkins

Mike & Kay Hawkins

Location: South Carolina & Mexico
Ministry: The Hawkins ministry is focusing on getting AWANA clubs in Spanish-speaking Churches.
Address: 306 N. Walnut Drive
              Anderson, SC 29621
Phone: (864)314-1034

The Hortons

Bill & Mary Horton

Location: Brazil
Ministry: The Hortons work in Brazil through World Baptist Fellowship Mission Agency and close to their two grown sons and families, who are also missionaries. Their ministry includes planting churches, training nationals, and operating a camp ministry.

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Dr. Loreen Ittermann

Dr. Loreen Ittermann

Location: Moldova
Ministry: Loreen is currently serving under Titus International Missions in Moldova. She is responsible for supervising 70 national Christian workers, for whom she raises financial support. Dr. Ittermann is also in charge of teams of teachers who conduct institutes and train Sunday school teachers throughout Moldova, the Ukraine, Russia, and Azerbaijan. In addition, Dr. Ittermann supervises an orphanage and several feeding programs for hungry children in poor villages, as well as ministering to the Jewish locals.
Dr. Ittermann's webpage

The Keefes

Dwayne & Valerie Keefe

Location: Australia
Ministry: The Keefes are working to establish churches in Australia through Baptist Bible Fellowship International. They have recently begun a new ministry in Jerrabomberra, NSW, southeast of the nation's capital, Canberra.
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Nathan & Nicole Keisler

Location: South Africa
Ministry: Nathan and Nicole work with Youth with a Mission and are working in Cape Town, South Africa. They are working in a strategic ministry that is seeking to partner with nationals and missionaries across the continent of Africa to evangelize and disciple the people groups there.
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The Kents

Greg & Collene Kent

Location: The Kents are currently working with Native Americans in Atlantic Canada.
Ministry: Native Americans (The Mi'Kmaq)


Location: Guatemala
Ministry: The Kinmans are helping to plant churches and work with children in Guatemala. They currently conduct Bible clubs for children, and help start MANNA Nutrition Centers to feed hungry children. The Kinmans minister through Baptist Bible Fellowship International.
Phone: 941-870-2301

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The Konnerups

Ole & Renee Konnerup

Location: Kenya
Ministry: The Konnerups have served as missionaries for many years in Nairobi, Kenya, through the BBFI. They have helped establish churches and now help to oversee a number of ministries there, helping to train and assist nationals, as well as establish feeding centers.
Website: Baptist Bible Fellowship International

Nikolai Kostyna

Kola is a national working with the Jewish population in Moldova in conjuction with Dr. Loreen Ittermann.

The Lyerlys

Lindsey & Meredith Lyerly

Location: preparing for ministry in Italy; reside in SC
Ministry: Lindsey and Meredith are currently preparing to serve through sports ministry and evangelism through the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE)

Missionary couple in the Middle East

For security reasons, we don't mention names here. Please pray for this couple as they serve through counseling and training ministries in the Middle East.

Couple serving in Northern India

For security reasons, we do not mention names here. Please pray for this couple as they settle in India, adjust to the culture and learn the language.

Dr. Bert Oubre

Dr. Bert Oubre is the founder and president of Cutting Edge Foundation. Cutting Edge is a medical ministry that seeks to establish hospitals in a region of Africa that is largely unreached and is in need of both medical and spiritual guidance. While residing in Irmo, Bert and his wife Debbie, take numerous trips to Africa and oversee the growing ministry there.

Jamie & Tasha Rogers

Location: Long Island, New York

Ministry: In March 2014 we (Jamie, Tasha, Matthan, Anna Beth, Ruthie & Josie) moved to Long Island, NY to pursue God's call in starting Transformation Church. Right now we are serving under the leadership of Crossroads Church of Long Island at East Islip. We also serve under the umbrella of the North American Mission Board of the SBC, and are pleased to affiliate with a church planting network aimed at reaching every person on Long Island with the glorious gospel of Jesus called Reconcile 519.


The Salleys

LaMar & Joanne Salley

Location: Costa Rica
Ministry: The Salleys are helping establish churches and work with youth in Costa Rica. They have hosted our youth missions team, along with many other youth groups from the U.S., who have helped them do VBS and outreach there.
Serving with: Central Missionary Clearinghouse.

Jon & Danielle Silver

Location: Andrews, NC
Ministry: The Silvers are ministering with Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters. They will be working with campers (adults and youth) and ministering to them. Currently, they are getting plugged in, working with groups and helping prepare for summer camp.
Phone: 803-687-0734
Facebook: JonandDanielle Silver

Florin Tamas

Location: Romania
Ministry: Florin (Ana), is a national who is working with Gerald and Kristin Ziemer and Titus International Ministries.
Read his testimony HERE.

The Ziemer family

Gerald & Kristin Ziemer

Location: Romania
Ministry: The Zeimers are missionaries in Romania with Titus International. Their ministries include: local church assistance, camping, Christian retreats, discipleship, church planting, sports evangelism, youth meetings, children's Bible clubs, Bible training and Bible teaching in public schools.
Ziemer's webpage

Previous updates for all of our missionaries

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