Church Campus Projects

If you would be willing to volunteer your time to help us with one or more Church campus projects, please let us know.

  • Select which project you would be interested in (if interested in helping with more than one project, please fill the form two times and select one project at a time.
  • Fill out your contact information.
  • Tell us when you are available.

We will contact you and set something everything up. Thank you for being willing to use your gift!

Trim hedges around campus.
Back fill concrete on right side of barn, back corner
If possible, see if pipe attached to back right side of gutter is properly draining
Walk through modulars and check lights (see Reynold for any questions).
Paint door jam in Student Center.
Fix the outdoor outlet that has come loose from the Worship Building
Pull out rocks at water fountain in courtyard, cleanout and put back in place. May need to add a few rocks.

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