Faye Bergen - Celebrate Recovery Chef

I have been on the Staff of First Baptist since January 2007. I moved here from Summerville in September 2006 after retiring from the state of South Carolina for 34 years. I attended Baptist College which was called Charleston Southern and got a degree in business. I have been attending First Baptist going on 13 years and was here when Celebrate Recovery first started, When I first started here at First Baptist, my ministries were Wednesday Night Suppers, Celebrate Recovery and Young at Heart. Now I only do Celebrate Recovery which I love very much in being a servant for God who can help broken people. I started back going on 2 years ago as being a voice for a child (GAL) which is my greatest passion and being a big part in helping my community. I like helping shape the future of these children, being their voice and giving hope to abused and neglected children here in Lex. County. For example when the court is making a decision that will impact a child's future, the child needs and deserves a voice from an objective adult to provide dependable information about the interest of the child. While other parties in the case may not have the same concerns about the child, the GAL is the only person in the case whose sole concern is the best interest of the child.

I have 2 grown daughters that are married and living for the Lord, 5 grandchildren, 4 step grandchildren and come September I will have 7 great grandchildren. The Lord has really blessed me even in the hard times, so when you look at this, don't look at what Faye has done. I give the Praise and Glory to God for without Him, I am nothing and could do nothing. It all comes from Him! I thank Him daily for only letting me be a little part and His servant in helping broken people and abused and neglected children. If anyone ever wants to come on board with me in helping our community and these abused and neglected children here in Lexington County, please let me know. We would love to have you!

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