What ministries at FBLex make us a church with a true 'Family Ministry'?

• Quarterly 'Baby Dedication' classes to help parents understand their roles as moms and dads, as well as the church's roles. Every child dedicated during a service here must have their parents complete this class first.
• Biannual 'Date Nights' for married couples, where they're equipped with ideas and challenged to get out of the normal rut of life and experience fun, original date ideas around town. Childcare is provided to lessen the stress of participating couples.
• Fam Jam is offered instead of a traditional VBS. Families can spend the week learning, playing, and serving together instead of just in age segregated groups.
• Family mission trips, as well as service projects around town, are offered where children, teens, and adults alike are encouraged to participate together, again not just with their age segregated groups.
• Parents are equipped each week with resources and information (via an emailed video from the Family Pastor) about what their child is learning so that they can continue the spiritual conversation at home, in the car, etc.
• Life Groups and Home Groups are offered for support, encouragement, and discipleship for various stages of life (i.e Single & Parenting, Parents of Young Children, Couples, Parents of Adult Children, etc.)

What ministries and activities make FBLex a 'family friendly' church?

o Quality student, preschool, and children's ministries staffed with trained, loving adults are offered across the board. Activities, classes, trips, camps, projects, and services are all given the resources and time they need to be done with care and excellence.
o All staff and volunteers who work with preschool, children, and students complete a child protection and safety class, have three references checked, and have a background check performed.
o A 'Baptism Class' is offered for every child wishing to be baptized in order to walk them through the decision they're making and help them better grasp those ideas.
o Father/Son activities, as well as activities for children without dads in the home, are offered a couple times a year.
o 'Open Houses' are offered for parents to attend their children's classes to get a first hand view of what their children do every week.
o Children are always welcome to attend the worship service with their parents if the parents feel that is the best place for them. You do not have to be a certain age to walk into the Worship Center.
o Attention is paid to calendars so as not to overextend families and take them away from their families too often.
o A family friendly Christmas Eve service is offered with glowsticks rather than candles.
o Celebrate Recovery, a Christian based recovery ministry, offers groups for children and teens on Tuesday nights to help them deal with the hurts, habits, and hang ups in their lives and the lives of their families.

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