Next Great Date Challenge: November 11

Marriage Maintenance

As time goes on life often throws more curveballs at us than we expect. Before you know it we're too busy with the maintenance of 'life' (paying bills, going to work, taking the kids everywhere they need to be) and forget to maintain our marriage.

Somewhere along the lines many of us forget to 'date' our spouses. We forget to intentionally take the time to be alone with them like we did when we were courting one another. We forget to play, to have fun, to laugh, to cuddle. As a result our marriages lose passion and intensity until many of them die.

It doesn't have to be that way though! And we're going to help you keep the laughs and passion in your marriage. Your spark is going to get a little bigger. That's what the 'Great Date Night Challenge' is all about.

Big Idea

During our Great Date Nights you and your spouse will drive by the church to pick up your date challenge assignments, or Challenge Packs. In it you'll find a number of mandatory assignments, and a number of optional assignments that you'll get to decide which ones you do.

The goal is to take you back to the fun, vibrant relationship you had when you first got married. If you're up to the challenge we believe your marriage will be strengthened and your life more joyful.

So get on board. Mark your calendar for our next 'Great Date Night Challenge' and we'll see you here.


Childcare will be provided at the church completely FREE OF CHARGE for all married, regularly attending FBLex couples. Childcare is for children, ages birth through 5th grade and is from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. Sugar free snacks will be provided. You must register by November 5!

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