Kidz Disciple Zone

Join us Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm for Kidz Disciple Zone, an intensive discipleship program for grades K5-4th grade!


Jesus' disciples were more than students in a classroom. They were more than 'spiritual employees'. Jesus' disciples were his friends, his partners in life, and his brothers. Jesus spent 3 years of His life intensively investing in the lives of 12 men. He ate with them, prayed with them, taught them, partied with them, laughed with them, and just did life together. Being a disciple is more than being a student, it's being a devoted follower.

In Kidz Disciple Zone we want to help you teach your children that Jesus is worth more than just giving Him our 'church time' each week. Jesus is worth our all. So our volunteers are here to talk with your children, pray with your children, and guide your children to understand what it means to take God's Word and apply it to their everyday lives.

Children's Discipleship

God has given parents primary responsibility for the spiritual training of their children. It is time for churches to encourage and equip parents to carry out their responsibility. Disciplemaking is the most pivotal ministry that churches can provide.
Churches must plan purposeful ministries to disciple parents and children.

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